Speedy Car Wash was started in 1965 at 3510 Delmar Blvd. in St.Louis, MO. 

Speedy Car Wash Retro

In 1973 We expanded to Concord Village Car Wash in South St. Louis.

In 1977, Speedy Car Wash was closed and relocated to Crestwood Car Wash on Watson Road.

In 1984 Concord Village Car Wash Pioneered the Touchless Car Wash system.  The first of it's kind in the country using International Touchless Equipment.

In 1988, Mickey's West County Car Wash opened for operations at 13894 Manchester Rd, Utilizing the latest in Touchless Car Washing Innovations.  This was the Second Touchless Car Wash west of the Mississippi River. At this time we had 3 car washes in operation.

Mickey's Car Wash & Oil Change

In 1989 Crestwood Car Wash was closed for property redevelopment.

In 1997, Mickey's added an Express Oil Change Facility and became the first in St. Louis to offer a FREE In & Out Car Wash with an Oil Change.

In 1999 Concord Village Car Wash was sold.

In 2007, we expanded by aquiring the Phillips 66 station next door and returned to the original Speedy Name.

In 2013, we chose to serve our community with the ZX brand of Gasoline. ZX is a local St. Louis Gasoline brand that is absolutely not owned by any major oil company or foreign country.  Like Speedy Gas & Wash, ZX is made in the U.S.A.

In the fall of 2016 the Speedy Car Wash family again brought innovation to the car wash experience in St. Louis.  First we introduced our Shine Shop, the first of it's kind waxing an polishing system giving you a showroom shine never before seen in the St. Louis area.

In addition to adding the Shine Shop, we undertook a major renovation of our ageing West County facility.  Reflecting on our past experience and looking towards the future we again revolutionized the car wash experience.

The touchless system that we pioneered in 1988 was replaced with a new state of the art Envirosoft Foam car wash equipment.  This new system is the safest equipment and most advanced technology ever produced for the car wash industry. Investing in this equipment allowed us to give you a cleaner, drier car quicker, more consistently and reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Finally in 2018 we expanded further to offer our exterior customer Free Vacuums after our car wash.  This expansion created an innovative one of a kind car washing experience in the St. Louis region. 

For over 50 Years and 4 generations of family, we have served St. Louis providing the finest car wash experience around.

Mission Statement