Wash & Gift Cards

Car Wash Card Gift Card
Use like cash for any Car Wash services.  When you purchase our Wash Card we will ADD 20% to your purchase price!  (Minimum $30 purchase) Use like cash for anything at Speedy including Car Washes,  Gasoline or Convenience Store Items.

Gift/Wash Cards – OFFICIAL RULES

Gift Cards are issued in any denomination requested up to a maximum of $500.00. Cards may be recharged in any amount for your ongoing use.

Wash Cards are issued with a minimum amount of $30.00 and as a bonus are given an additional 20% of value added at the time of purchase. (i.e. a $30.00 purchase loads $36.00 in value on your card)

There are no activation fees.  Cards are valid for 5 years after issue or addition of value. 

All cards should be treated like cash and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

Gift Cards are good for the purchase of car washes, fuel and most other items sold at our convenience store.  Gift Cards can not be redeemed for cash, cash equivalents like money orders or other types of gift cards.

Wash Cards are good for the purchase of car wash services only and CANNOT be redeemed for fuel, convenience store items, cash, cash equivalents or other gift cards.  Wash cards cannot be redeemed for unlimited wash plans, club memberships or detailing services.  If the card is redeemed on the same day it was purchased the redemption cannot exceed the initial purchase amount.

Cards are accepted subject to that location being able to process the Card at that time. Locations could be temporarily unable to process a Card due to equipment failure or the inability to communicate data to our card processing facility.

Every time you activate, recharge or buy something with your Card, your receipt will give you the balance remaining on your card after that transaction. You may also check your balance at no charge by presenting the Card.

Purchase of Gift/Wash cards is final - it may not be exchanged, returned for credit, refunded or redeemed for cash or credit, or be used for credit card payments.

Wash Card Bonus 20% must be used within the 5 year expiration period.  Expired cards lose the 20% bonus if not used before the expiration date.  Expired Wash Cards can be reissued with the original purchase price minus useage if the data is available.

Please visit the ZX Official Gift Card page for the complete rules for ZX Cards.