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Pet wash FAQ's

Where is the Pet Wash?
It is a self-service Pet Wash, located inside Mickey’s store and can be accessed via the door across from the car wash kiosks.
Can you provide a description of the Pet Wash?
We have one self-service Pet Wash room, which has all the comforts of home. It is inside our building, has a raised pet tub for easy washing, steps for our pet visitors who need assistance and the room is totally enclosed. There are rugs on the floor to prevent slippage. The room is large enough if a family wants to bring in their pet.
Do I need to schedule a Pet Wash or do you take walk-ins:
We do take walk-ins so the Pet Wash does not have to be schedule. However, any scheduled Pet Washes take precedence over walk-ins. You can always call us at (508) 917-8363 to check availability.
What is included in the Pet Wash?
The Pet Wash includes use of the pet bath tub, which has stairs for any of our pet visitors that need assistance and a sprayer with warm water. Also included is your selection of shampoo, use of our towels and aprons and a doggie treat. We also have a pet air dryer with different selectionsto adjust especially for your pet. The best part is that our crew will clean and sanitize the room after you have leave.
How much is the Pet Wash?
Our Pet Wash is $24.50 for 25 minutes
What are the Pet Wash hours?
Our Pet Wash is open 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, 7 days a week
Is the Pet Wash per pet?
No, our Pet Wash is $24.50 for 25 minutes, so you can bring in multiple pets during that time. There is an additional fee if you need more time.
Can I get a Gift Card for the Pet Wash?
Yes, our gift cards can be used for the Pet Wash.
Who washes the pets?
It is self-service, so you wash your own pets.
Is the Pet Wash limited to dogs?
No, other pets than dogs can utilize the Pet Wash