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Car Wash FAQ's


What is a Mickey’s Car Wash Unlimited Membership?

Mickey’s Unlimited Membership is a monthly program that allows you to wash your car as many days as you would like during the membership period.

You choose from 3 monthly package options.  View the options here Unlimited Membership Plans. Members also get a complimentary 5-minute vacuum each time they visit.

How do I get a membership?
The easiest way is to just stop by the car wash and head over to one of our kiosks. Here you can select and purchase your membership right at the kiosk. Take your receipt and hand it to the car wash attendant at the entrance to the car wash. The attendant will place an adhesive tag on your windshield with a unique identifying barcode linked to your vehicle and you are now officially a Mickey’s Unlimited Member!
You can also ask any of our customer service car wash attendants to assist you as well.
Memberships can also be purchased on our website here
They can also be purchased in our store.You can view our store hours of operation here Store Hours
How do memberships work?
Mickey’s memberships work through a RFID system (Radio Frequency Identification). RFID readers are located at each kiosk. Once you have a membership tag on your windshield, as you approach the kiosk the RFDI reader will read the barcode on your membership tag, linking your account to your vehicle recognizing your membership.
Each time you visit the car wash you will be asked if you would like a complimentary 5-minute vacuum. Touch yes to receive a Pin# on your receipt for the free vacuum and the gate will raise to let you into the car wash. Touch no free vacuum and the gate will automatically raise.
Can I buy a membership for someone else?
You can purchase a membership for someone else, however you must have the vehicle that the membership will be linked to with you to make a purchase. This is because the membership tag is linked to the vehicle. Our car wash attendants will adhere the tag to the bottom left interior of your windshield.
Another option is to purchase a gift card, which can be used towards purchasing a membership or anything else at Mickey’s Car Wash & Detail Shop. Purchase a gift card here.
Can multiple members be on the same plan?
The membership is assigned to your specific vehicle.  Other individuals may bring your car in to get washed with your membership, but they cannot use it for another vehicle.
Can remove my membership tag and move it to another vehicle?
Membership tags contain an internal antenna that is used for the RFID Readers. Once the tag is disrupted, the antenna will break making the tag no longer active.
Can I use my membership for my other vehicles?
No, each vehicle has an assigned tag, which means each vehicle has its’ own membership. The tag is not a household membership.
Does my membership have an expiration date?
Memberships are billed out on a monthly basis based on your initial membership date and have no expiration date, as long as payment is received or until the member cancels their membership.
Can I manage, make changes or cancel my membership on-line?
You can manage your membership at our Membership Portal here.  Here you can change your plan, pause your membership, cancel your membership and update credit card information.
How do I update my credit card on my membership?
  • You can manage your membership from our website here at our Membership Portal
  • Another option is to call us at (508) 917-8363 with the updated credit card information. 
  • Or stop by our office the next time you are at the car wash. 
When does a membership change take place?
When processing the change online, the adjustment will be made based on the date that you made the change. When canceling through email or by phone please allow 3-4 business days to process.
I have a new vehicle. How do I transfer my membership?
When you have an active membership and get a new vehicle, we will assign a new tag number the next time you come visit us. Just talk to one of the attendants before you pull up to the kiosks.
I had to get a new windshield. How do I get my membership tag on my new windshield?
When you have an active membership and get a new vehicle, we will assign a new tag number and put it on your windshield the next time you come visit us. Just talk to one of the attendants before you pull up to the kiosks.
Do I receive a refund when I cancel my membership?
No, you will not receive a refund.   Your membership will be active until your next billing date. You can manage your membership at our Membership Portal here or write to us at Mickey@MickeysCarWash.com
How do I reactivate my membership account?
If you paused your membership online, you can use the reactivate feature to start it up. You can manage your membership at our Membership Portal here.
Is there a limit on the number of times I can get my car washed with a membership?
The only limit is once a day, as many days per months as you like.