Mickey’s Car Wash & Detail Shop
16 Galaxy Pass Mailbox 16, Sutton, MA 01590 508-917-8363
Car Wash 7 AM – 7 PM Daily
(Weather Permitting)
Detail & Retail Shop 9 AM – 5 PM Daily

Detail Shop FAQ's

Where is the Mickey’s Detail Shop located?
Mickey’s Detail Shop is located in the same building as Mickey’s Car Wash, which is 16 Galaxy Pass, Sutton, MA, 01590.
How do I schedule an Auto Detail Service?
  1. Auto Detail Services can be scheduled:
    1. Online https://mickeyscarwashdetailshop.booking.detailbookie.com/signup
    2. By calling us at (508) 917-8363
    3. By stopping by our lobby at 16 Galaxy Pass, Sutton, MA 01590
How does the Online Booking work?

The online system uses your phone number and/or email address. If you are already in the system, you will be sent a security code to enter. Any vehicles and prior jobs that have been set up will be available.

If it’s your first time, you will be prompted to enter your phone number, name, etc. and the system will set up a customer record. Once this is done, you will add a vehicle and once the vehicle is added, you can book your job and then schedule it.

Can I just get an estimate prior to booking a job?

Yes, you can do this Online: https://mickeyscarwashdetailshop.booking.detailbookie.com/signup

You will be able to see the available packages, which will be priced based on your vehicle. The system will also show you additional services, which can be added to your package.

What type of Auto Detail Services do you offer?

We offer a full line of Auto Detail Services, which include Luxury, Deep Clean and Ceramic Coating service packages for both the Interior and Exterior of your vehicle. Service details and pricing are available on our website at mickeyscarwash.com.

What is the process to drop my car off for a detail?
When you arrive at Mickey’s Car Wash & Detail Shop, you will drive past Mickey’s Lane and can go towards the vacuum. There is a small parking lot near the building, where you can park your car. Keys can be dropped off in the lobby, which can be accessed via the door across from the car wash kiosks.
Can I drop my car off before my scheduled appointment?
Yes, our lobby is open from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm, so you can enter the lobby through the door across from the kiosks.
How long is an Auto Detail Service?
The time for an Auto Detail Service varies depending upon the type of vehicle and service. The minimum time for an exterior or interior service is 1.5 hours each. When you schedule your appointment, the booking system will provide the total time.
How will I know if my auto detail is done?
If your mobile number is on file, you will receive a text saying it is complete. Otherwise, we will give you a call.
Do I have to pick up my car right when it’s done?
No, our lobby is open from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm, so we will keep your keys at the front desk till you pick your vehicle up.
Are you open on Saturdays?
We are open every other Saturday. You can view the schedule through our online system at https://mickeyscarwashdetailshop.booking.detailbookie.com/signup
Can I purchase a gift card for Mickey’s Detail Shop?
Yes, gift cards can be purchased either on our website at mickeyscarwash.com OR you can stop by our lobby to make the purchase.
Can gift cards purchased before the Detail Shop opened be used towards an Auto Detail Service?
Yes, gift cards that were purchased before the Detail Shop opened, can still be used for Detail Services.
Is there a place for me to wait while my car is being detailed?
We don’t have a formal waiting area. However, there are other businesses in the plaza where you can get coffee, have your nails done or do shopping.
Do you offer a shuttle service?
Currently, we do not offer a shuttle service.